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Industrial Management

Industrial Management

  Introduction

 Welcome to the Industrial management module. Industrial management concerns with the system of management, design, operation and improvement of the production strategy that create the firm‘s primary products or services. Like marketing and finance, IM is a functional field of business with clear line management responsibilities. Operations function is concerned with the creation and distribution of products or services so as to satisfy customers. Clearly this is the key for existence of any organization. Industrial Management is the system of ―business process‖ to provide the right products of the right quality at the right time at the right cost to the right customers. Intense global competition has made companies to realize IM as one of the sources for achieving competitive advantage. This course has been designed considering these points in mind. The course provides a general introduction and frame works to manage manufacturing and service operations efficiently and effectively

 Objectives

 On completion of this course, you will be able to: 

 Analyze basic concepts of management and organization. And also determine the ways to improve managerial performance. 

 Determine appropriate process of leadership, employee recruitment, Training & development and customer service requirements. 

 Develop a project plan to aid in successful project management.

  Analyze a production or service system with effective material management.

  Provide appropriate management and resource allocation. 

Message from the Teacher

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