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Motivation and Effectiveness


Motivation and Effectiveness

What is Motivation?

 Motivation is the answer to the question ―Why we do what we do?‖. The motivation theories try to figure out what the ―M‖ is in the equation: ―M motivates P‖ (Motivator motivates the Person). It is one of most important duty of an entrepreneur to motivate people. 

Definition of Motivation: 

"Motivation is dependent on the fulfillment of fundamental, innate psychological needs for competence, relatedness, and autonomy" (Thijs, 2011). "Motivation is an inner drive" (Locke & Baum, 2006). "Motivation can be positive or negative" (Harmon-Jones, E., & Harmon-Jones, C. 2010). "Motivation is what moves us to act" (McDonough, 2007) Businesses with unmotivated employees often face low productivity and high turnover rates. Multiple theories help explain how workers are motivated and provide suggestions for how to increase motivation in the workplace. Understanding which theory best fits your employees may help improve your small business by increasing employee retention rates and improving worker productivity. 

Theories about Motivation 

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 
When motivation theory is being considered the first theory that is being recalled is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which he has introduced in his 1943 article named as “A Theory of Human Motivation”. According to this theory, individual strives to seek a higher need when lower needs are fulfilled. Once a lower-level need is satisfied, it no longer serves as a source of motivation. Needs are motivators only when they are unsatisfied.
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